The Accelerated Career Transformation (ACT)

Coaching Intensive

ACT is designed to guide you in creating the vision of your most amazing career imaginable, and then build the blueprint to launch it! The core tenet of ACT is that Inner Work plus Outer Change is what fuels Career Transformation.

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ACT demystifies and accelerates the transformation process to get you on your way to your dream career as quickly as possible.

ACT combines the teachings of the most impactful life transformation experts, psychologists, anthropologists, and career coaches with my own personal experiences with transitioning to a new career.

The ACT Coaching Intensive is your pathway to your dream career and includes:

  • Four core modules and thirteen lessons filled with essential career transformation content (see ACT Program in Detail for more information on modules)

  • Impactful exercises and worksheets to use at each stage of your journey

  • The tools and methods for blueprinting your ideal career and an implementation plan to get you there

  • Emphasis on holistic personal development that integrates thoughts, emotions, and intuition to guide you to your ideal career path

  • The identification and elimination of blocks, cultural programming, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the career of your dreams

  • A life-long community of fellow journeyers to support you on your path (ACTPlus Coaching Intensive only)

The Accelerated Career Transformation (ACT) Coaching Intensive

This is right for you if:

You’re excellent at your job, but you can’t stop feeling that you’re meant to do more

You’re ready to make a career change but have no idea what to do next

You feel anxious and stressed, and are longing to feel in control of and energized by the work you do

You’ve bought into the promise of hard work but find that your job leaves little room in your life for the things that actually bring you joy

You long for the freedom to build a career on your own terms, one that allows you to fully express your unique talents and passions

You feel stuck in old patterns that keep you in the status quo, and worry if you don’t do something soon, your life will pass you by

The ACT program is designed to get you to your dream career, fast! After completing ACT, you will:

Have clarity on the best career course to take to achieve your goals, vision, and purpose

Have a finely-crafted blueprint for how to get from where you are now to where you want to go

Develop the skills for getting there

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Kim Jones - Jo Ingram Testimonial

“Kim is an inspiring and dedicated coach, and really helped me unpack some barriers which have been holding me back.

She asks all the right questions and also isn't afraid to give you prompts and ideas to stretch you out of your comfort zone. If you have the opportunity to work with Kim, I highly recommend you take it!"

– Jo Ingram, Business Coach and Mumpreneur