Kim Jones Alliance Testimonials - Hayley Gillooly, Strategy Consultant copy

“I always felt our sessions were seamlessly tailored to where I was and what I needed. I cannot recommend working with Kim enough!

I began working with Kim when I was considering my desired career direction after several years in a highly rewarding yet extremely demanding job that left me eager to make an intentional next step in my career that aligned with my values and desired lifestyle.

In my sessions with Kim, I was able to rethink my career options, explore my goals both professionally and personally, and identify new possibilities that would allow me to align my career with the intentions I have for my life. This could have been a daunting process of self-discovery and professional exploration if undertaken solo; instead, working with Kim has provided me with partnership, accountability, empathy, and wisdom.

To each of our sessions, Kim brought deep professional expertise and concrete, practical ideas and tools, as well as empathy and intuitive insights--which made this career exploration process empowering and exciting.”

– Hayley Gillooly, Strategy Consultant


“I would not be where I am now without the help of Kim.

I started working with Kim shortly after I made my big career leap. I was passionate about my new career, but facing waves of internal resistance, doubt, and insecurity. Without Kim’s guidance, I may have turned back.

I cannot express my gratitude for Kim enough. Kim embodies that unique blend of strong yet gentle, practical and wise, intellect and heart. She is gifted in intuition and empathy. Kim quickly sees where you are holding yourself back and guides you to your own inner wisdom.

She is a powerhouse when it comes to practical advice and real-world solutions. Kim’s approach of addressing inner resistance as you take actionable steps toward your career goals is exactly what you need to transform and love your career."

– Jessica Kinnard, Holistic Life Coach

Kim Jones - Jo Ingram Testimonial

“Kim is an inspiring and dedicated coach, and really helped me unpack some barriers which have been holding me back.

She asks all the right questions and also isn't afraid to give you prompts and ideas to stretch you out of your comfort zone. If you have the opportunity to work with Kim, I highly recommend you take it!"

– Jo Ingram, Business Coach and Mumpreneur

Kim Jones Alliance Testimonials - Shehla Yamani, IT Director copy

“Kim gained my trust from our very first meeting, thanks to her empathetic and insightful coaching style.

Kim's approach to coaching is rooted in her personal experience and not merely academic.  I feel validated and strengthened after every coaching session and am excited about my future career path thanks to Kim's practical guidance and encouragement.”

– Shehla Yamani, IT Director

Hema Dey

“Feel closure and confidence again, be the powerful woman you are!

As a professional woman in the tech industry since 1994, I know what challenges I had on an international stage.  An overpowering of male dominance, power struggles, competing challenges between work and wanting to be a mother, and the list goes on.  I have worked with Kim who was once in woman in tech, climbing the corporate ladder and understanding the walk every woman in tech takes each and every day.  I recommend all women out there in the tech world engage with Kim should you need transformational coaching.  Be it changing careers, getting to decisions around your future, work-life balance, and so much more... choose Kim as your transformational coach."

                                                                                      – Hema Dey, CEO | Iffel International, Inc.

Kim Jones Testimonial - Elizabeth Armistead SQ

“Kim has helped me tremendously! Kim provides the kind of support that pulls out all of your answers within.

Kim helped to normalize the navigation of my career by offering a wealth of wisdom from her own experience and speaking a universal language of trust and connectedness. All of this is done with a grounded and calming presence that is soothing to the soul. If you are feeling a little lost, Kim can help you find your way!"

– Elizabeth Armistead, Professional Development and Leadership Coach

Kim Jones Alliance Testimonials - Naz Harounian, Screenwriter and Fashion Entrepreneur copy

“Kim’s organization of thoughts into reality is rather exceptional.

As a screenwriter and fashion entrepreneur, I’m constantly problem-solving and looking for new ways to move my career forward.  Kim saved me and guided me toward making my goal into a reality.  She was able to help me narrow down by goal and help me figure out how to achieve this goal.”

– Naz Harounian, Screenwriter and Fashion Entrepreneur

Kim Jones Alliance Testimonials - Joann Baker, Owner, Just Beautiful Designs copy

“She is incredibly talented, really caring and I highly recommend her services.

I had my first coaching session with Kim and am so impressed.  Kim walked me through some issues, gently guided me to think about some of my habits and beliefs.  I was reluctant to go there, as it can be confronting to own our "stuff" but she was gentle and intuitive and really helped me focus on my goals.”

– Joann Baker, Owner, Just Beautiful Designs