Coaching For

Women in Transition

Are you part of the legion of successful but unfulfilled professional women ready to make your career your own?

My coaching approach is designed to guide my clients to work that aligns with their highest aspirations for themselves. Sometimes, this requires them to transition out of a career that no longer fulfills them and forge a path of transformation into a new, more meaningful professional realm.

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My program for helping clients achieve career transformation takes them through a holistic process to get them into a career they love.

If you choose to work with me, I will guide you through this process, which will help you:

The Foundation

  • Define your “why” – what purpose does work serve in your life?

  • Define your non-negotiables – the things you require in your next career to fulfill your financial, lifestyle, and professional expectations

  • Create a compelling vision – what do you hope to achieve in this lifetime through your work?

  • Build a transition mindset – to get you into the right state of mind to create the actions that will enable you to realize your vision

  • Develop effective tools to navigate the journey – you’ll learn tools to overcome the obstacles you'll encounter with moving toward your vision

The Exploration

  • Develop your career story – including who you are, where you’re going, and what you’ve done in a way that’s compelling to potential employers

  • Identify careers (including entrepreneurship) that satisfy your career vision, story, and non-negotiables

  • Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

  • Research and network to connect with the companies and people that will help you land your next job or build your company

  • Refine your vision as you learn through research and networking

The Implementation

  • For jobseekers: Prepare for job interviews and negotiate your best offer

  • For entrepreneurs: Develop your marketing strategy, prepare your offerings, and find your ideal customers

Kim Jones Alliance Testimonials - Joann Baker, Owner, Just Beautiful Designs copy

“She is incredibly talented, really caring and I highly recommend her services.

I had my first coaching session with Kim and am so impressed.  Kim walked me through some issues, gently guided me to think about some of my habits and beliefs.  I was reluctant to go there, as it can be confronting to own our "stuff" but she was gentle and intuitive and really helped me focus on my goals.”

– Joann Baker, Owner, Just Beautiful Designs