Coaching for

Leaders & Women in Tech

Leaders and women in tech who work with me generally want to bring more authenticity, impact, confidence, and clarity in their careers.

They want to align their careers with their overall life’s vision. My coaching approach is unique in that it leverages a holistic approach and focuses on making mindset shifts based on strengths-based psychology to help my clients achieve their goals.

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 My approach is holistic and considers the effect of each client’s unique work environment, cultural conditioning, and mindset to help them navigate the biggest obstacles to achieving the professional impact they seek.

Hema Dey

“Feel closure and confidence again, be the powerful woman you are!

As a professional woman in the tech industry since 1994, I know what challenges I had on an international stage.  An overpowering of male dominance, power struggles, competing challenges between work and wanting to be a mother, and the list goes on.  I have worked with Kim who was once in woman in tech, climbing the corporate ladder and understanding the walk every woman in tech takes each and every day.  I recommend all women out there in the tech world engage with Kim should you need transformational coaching.  Be it changing careers, getting to decisions around your future, work-life balance, and so much more... choose Kim as your transformational coach."

– Hema Dey, CEO | Iffel International, Inc.

Areas of focus in my coaching practice include:

Helping clients define the impact they want to make in their careers and create a plan to achieve it

Guiding new leaders through the process of assimilating into expanded roles, creating the support needed to succeed in high-stakes positions

Overcoming imposter syndrome, low confidence, and fears with being visible and taking risks

Navigating the gender biases that persist in many work environments to achieve better parity

Examining professional brands that pigeonhole clients and recasting them into compelling career narratives

Developing the skills and strategies that enable clients to achieve better career effectiveness and/or their next career level

Creating strategies and boundaries for better balance between work and personal priorities

Gaining access to the professional networks and high visibility assignments that lead to career growth

Developing effective strategies for becoming change agents who foster productive, innovative, fair, and inclusive work environments

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“Kim gained my trust from our very first meeting, thanks to her empathetic and insightful coaching style.

Kim's approach to coaching is rooted in her personal experience and not merely academic.  I feel validated and strengthened after every coaching session and am excited about my future career path thanks to Kim's practical guidance and encouragement."

– Shehla Yamani, , VP, IT Professional Services