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Hi! I'm Kim

I work with ambitious women looking to up-level their lives by creating careers they love!

I believe women who build careers in alignment with who they authentically are is what the world needs more of right now to bring better balance, inclusion, and consciousness into modern workplaces.

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My deepest passion is guiding women into their empowerment and purpose by helping them make their careers their own.

My coaching approach is built on the belief that this work doesn’t just benefit the person receiving coaching, but that it’s essential to creating more equality, diversity, and belonging in businesses through amplifying the impact women have when they authentically engage in leadership and work.

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My Story

My story is a tale of two professional lives.

The first consisted of climbing the corporate ladder to pursue my goal to achieve the American dream.

This life consisted of hard work, performing, earning, pursuing, sacrificing, navigating challenging environments, and achieving great success doing it. I worked my way up to divisional CIO and senior vice president for a Fortune 250 insurance company, and I had a career that was, by all accounts, the embodiment of success. The problem was, I was harboring a reality that I was unfulfilled doing the very thing that I thought would give me the life I wanted. Instead, I was under a high amount of stress based on the nature of the work I did.

My second professional life began when I was forced to confront my choices when my personal life started to unravel in 2014.

In only a few short years, I lost my brother to an untimely catastrophic heart attack, a beloved member of my family was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and I lost one of my closest friends to aggressive cancer.  Because of these events, I began to face the fact that my career left me with little time to focus on building a holistic life that was my own.

During this time, I first knew with a clarity I had hadn’t had before that I no longer wanted to live a life dedicated to work that required all the best parts of me. I knew it was time for me to reinvent my career into one that would make a bigger impact in the world and fit within the broader context of the life I now envisioned for myself.

This journey has led me to my current adventure in entrepreneurship as a career coach and consultant.

The work I do now is centered on working with women whose stories I deeply understand and relate to – women who want to make a bigger impact through their careers and work. Women who are navigating the challenges of being underrepresented in the most important industries of the 21st Century: leadership and tech. Women looking for guidance and effective strategies for working in environments where they may feel undervalued, overlooked, and like imposters. This is now my life’s work, and I’m deeply honored to be able to serve my clients in forging their own journeys to making their careers their own.

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“I always felt our sessions were seamlessly tailored to where I was and what I needed. I cannot recommend working with Kim enough!

I began working with Kim when I was considering my desired career direction after several years in a highly rewarding yet extremely demanding job that left me eager to make an intentional next step in my career that aligned with my values and desired lifestyle.

In my sessions with Kim, I was able to rethink my career options, explore my goals both professionally and personally, and identify new possibilities that would allow me to align my career with the intentions I have for my life. This could have been a daunting process of self-discovery and professional exploration if undertaken solo; instead, working with Kim has provided me with partnership, accountability, empathy, and wisdom.

To each of our sessions, Kim brought deep professional expertise and concrete, practical ideas and tools, as well as empathy and intuitive insights--which made this career exploration process empowering and exciting.”

– Hayley Gillooly, Strategy Consultant

Professional Bio

Kim Jones Career Transformation Coach Professional Bio

Kim Jones is a transformational career coach and expert in guiding leaders, women in IT, and women in career transition to reach their highest professional potential.

As an ICF ACC Certified Life Coach, Certified Career Coach, and successful business entrepreneur, guiding women to build thriving careers centered on empowerment and fulfillment is Kim’s passion.

Kim works with individuals and companies committed to fostering the advancement and well-being of women in the workplace. As a former executive in the Information Technology sector, Kim knows firsthand the barriers women face to achieving equal representation and career fulfillment on their own terms. Over her 25-year corporate career, she developed holistic strategies to navigate these challenges effectively, and now coaches her clients on fostering the leadership skills, professional networks, and personal practices to help them balance career advancement with personal well-being.

Kim leverages her anthropological and business experience to consider the effect of each client’s unique work environment, cultural conditioning, and individual mindset to assist them with overcoming the biggest obstacles to achieving their professional and personal goals. In addition to career coaching, Kim leads selective consulting engagements with organizations seeking to implement culture transformation solutions that foster equitable, diverse, inclusive, innovative, and high-performing work environments.

Prior to launching her consulting and coaching business, Kim held executive-level positions for several Fortune 250 companies in various senior roles, most recently serving as divisional CIO and SVP, Information Technology, for Farmers Insurance Company. In this position, she led teams of over 1000 people to develop and implement the company’s technology vision and strategy. In previous roles, Kim led large-scale operations for both large companies and start-ups.

In addition to career coaching and consulting, Kim facilitates workshops for IT leaders on organizational culture and optimizing business performance, and mentors high-potential women in IT to achieve next-level leadership. She is a board member and provides strategic leadership to a Los Angeles-area nonprofit music academy for school-aged children.

Kim holds an MA in anthropology, MBA, and BA in psychology from California State University, Northridge.

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“I would not be where I am now without the help of Kim.

I started working with Kim shortly after I made my big career leap. I was passionate about my new career, but facing waves of internal resistance, doubt, and insecurity. Without Kim’s guidance, I may have turned back.

I cannot express my gratitude for Kim enough. Kim embodies that unique blend of strong yet gentle, practical and wise, intellect and heart. She is gifted in intuition and empathy. Kim quickly sees where you are holding yourself back and guides you to your own inner wisdom.

She is a powerhouse when it comes to practical advice and real-world solutions. Kim’s approach of addressing inner resistance as you take actionable steps toward your career goals is exactly what you need to transform and love your career.”

– Jessica Kinnard, Holistic Life Coach