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Hi! I'm Kim

I help ambitious women up-level their careers by creating work they love!

I believe women who live life on their own terms are what the world needs more of right now to bring about the balance and consciousness we so desperately need.

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My deepest passion is guiding women into their freedom, empowerment, and purpose by helping them imagine and create the careers of their dreams.

My Accelerated Career Transformation (ACT) Coaching Intensive was built on the belief that career transformation doesn’t just benefit the person making the change, but that this work is essential to creating more equality and collective action in the world because our graduates model the impact women have when they engage in authentic work.

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My Story

Why should you consider working with me?  Because before I took my own career from uninspiring to amazing, I was where you are now, feeling stuck and dissatisfied in my career, and like I was working on someone else’s terms.

Up to that point, I’d spent years feeling trapped in executive jobs I’d held for Fortune 250 companies. I’d worked my entire life to achieve this level of professional success, but found that the demands of corporate work were leaving me unhappy and unfulfilled.

I felt like I was trapped with no way out. Worse yet, I longed for an inspiring career that would bring me joy and inspiration, but I had no idea what that even looked like.

I knew I needed to make a change, so I found the courage to leave this career behind along with the salary, perks, and status that came with it.  I was terrified of making this leap, but I knew that if I didn’t take action, another year or decade would go by and I’d still feel this same way – stuck and as if my life was passing me by. 

So, I stepped out of the only world I’d ever known – Corporate America – and embarked on my own career transformation journey.

At the start of my journey, I was both excited and terrified. I was scared that the clarity I sought would never come, that I’d end up right back where I started – in Corporate America and miserable.  But I stayed the course and found my way to a life I love.  I’ve now redefined my job on my own terms, and I’m happier and freer than I’ve ever been.

I can help you do the same!

I’ve learned so much on my journey that I’m excited to share with you.

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“I always felt our sessions were seamlessly tailored to where I was and what I needed. I cannot recommend working with Kim enough!

I began working with Kim when I was considering my desired career direction after several years in a highly rewarding yet extremely demanding job that left me eager to make an intentional next step in my career that aligned with my values and desired lifestyle.

In my sessions with Kim, I was able to rethink my career options, explore my goals both professionally and personally, and identify new possibilities that would allow me to align my career with the intentions I have for my life. This could have been a daunting process of self-discovery and professional exploration if undertaken solo; instead, working with Kim has provided me with partnership, accountability, empathy, and wisdom.

To each of our sessions, Kim brought deep professional expertise and concrete, practical ideas and tools, as well as empathy and intuitive insights--which made this career exploration process empowering and exciting.”

– Hayley Gillooly, Strategy Consultant

Professional Bio

Kim Jones Career Transformation Coach Professional Bio

Kim Jones is a career transformation coach and expert in guiding women to remake their careers on their own terms.

As a Certified Life Coach, Certified Career Coach, and successful business entrepreneur, empowering women to build thriving careers centered on freedom and empowerment is Kim’s passion. 

In 2017, Kim embarked on her own life-changing career transition after working in corporate executive positions for more than 15 years.  After a brief period of serving as interim CIO for a Fortune 250 company, she finally woke up to the knowledge that no amount of career success would quiet the voice inside that was urging her to do more.

Kim’s subsequent DIY approach to remaking her career took several years to complete and was strongly informed by the teachings of the best transformation experts in psychology, business, spirituality, and coaching.  During this time, Kim also completed her Masters-level coursework in cultural anthropology, emphasizing the role that culture plays in shaping women’s career and identity choices, as well as the ways that cultural expectations keep women stuck in unfulfilling jobs.  Her combined emphasis on self-education and academic training has resulted in the creation of the Accelerated Career Transformation (ACT) Coaching Intensive, Kim’s signature program which uses a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to making career transformations.  Using the methods Kim learned along her own career transformation journey, ACT explores the cultural, biological, and psychological implications of career change and teaches the most effective tools for accelerating her clients’ own career transformation processes.

Kim holds an MBA and BA in psychology from California State University, Northridge, with her second masters in anthropology expected in 2021.

In addition to career coaching, Kim facilitates workshops to IT leaders on the effect of organizational culture on business performance and mentors high potential women in IT to achieve next-level leadership. She is a board member and provides strategic leadership to a Los Angeles-area nonprofit enterprise.

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“I would not be where I am now without the help of Kim.

I started working with Kim shortly after I made my big career leap. I was passionate about my new career, but facing waves of internal resistance, doubt, and insecurity. Without Kim’s guidance, I may have turned back.

I cannot express my gratitude for Kim enough. Kim embodies that unique blend of strong yet gentle, practical and wise, intellect and heart. She is gifted in intuition and empathy. Kim quickly sees where you are holding yourself back and guides you to your own inner wisdom.

She is a powerhouse when it comes to practical advice and real-world solutions. Kim’s approach of addressing inner resistance as you take actionable steps toward your career goals is exactly what you need to transform and love your career.”

– Jessica Kinnard, Holistic Life Coach